Bangers & Beer, why I can’t wait for Food Festival

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You won’t find me in the kitchen this afternoon. I’ll be joining the crowds at Ludlow Castle. Unfortunately not enjoying beer, bread and bangers with everyone else, but demonstrating some of my cooking skills. Spring is in the air and that means it’s time for the Ludlow Spring Festival.

This year, I’ll be appearing on the Chef Demonstration Stage on both days at 3pm. I always find this festival and the main food and drink festival in September a little surreal –I’ve been in Ludow for six years now, but I was aware of the festivals held in Ludlow long before that and never imagined I would one day be a part of them. The Ludlow Food Festival was the first event of its type in the UK and, in my opinion, it’s still the best. Ludlow paved the way and other food festivals have since followed. Thetown was holding a food festival long before they became trendy and fashionable. So, being a part of it seems somehow strange – truthfully, it’s a privilege to be
part of it.

The spring festival is centred on beer, bangers and bread – and who doesn’t like those three things? I always tell newcomers to the Ludlow Spring Festival that it is like a giant beer festival but better! There is masses of real ale in a huge beer tent. The quality is superb and it’s the cheapest pint in town.

There’s also plenty of live music, chef demonstrations and top quality hot dogs. What’s not to like?

The festival is a real party – it’s exciting to be part of it. The whole town gets behind it and we open our arms to people from near and far. It’s phenomenal how far some people travel to enjoy the event. I think that says a lot about the quality of the weekend – it’s a tribute to Beth Heath, the operations director of the festival, and the others who put it on. Especially all the volunteers who religiously turn out each year and help

In previous years, my demonstrations have focused on beer, bread and bangers – but this year, I’m planning to eat and drink them, not demonstrate with them. Instead, I want to focus on the flavours of spring. I’ll be taking the stage both days showing people dishes that I hope will inspire.

The festival also features a display of classic cars on the Sunday and I’m a big car fan so I’ll be sure to have wander around the paddock too. It promises to be a great weekend and I hope to see many of you there.


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